Saddle up and discover the Riviera, the real one

A mountain bike ride can surprise you with a stunning view on the Monferrato and his beautiful landscapes, alternating green hills, isolated farms, cultivated lands and vineyards. 

For both off road experts and enthusiasts, Monferrato offers mountain bike itineraries with different difficulties. 

All the selected paths are authorized and are officially suitable for both riders and walkers: remember to be careful anyway and respectful of other excursionists you could meet on your way. 

The Po river from Chivasso to Crescentino

49 km of adrenaline along a stretch of the longest river in Italy.


Between river and hills

An off-road path that winds along the Piagera hills and the Po river.

SCS Sentiero Crea-Superga

The route, conceived in 1990 by Cesare Triveri, connects Superga Cathedral with the Crea Sanctuary through the Turin hills and the Monferrato.