Strada Val Chiapini, 70 – Casalborgone

The “La Peracca” farm was born on the hills on the banks of the Po by the hand of Ettore Bastianini, agronomist and economics teacher. Since he was a child Ettore had clear ideas: as a reward for the achievement of the middle school license he asked the family for a chainsaw as a gift. The passion for the care of the land and agronomy have always accompanied him and for almost forty years Ettore has dedicated himself daily to its company and its territory.

Timber processing was the first activity, integrated with cereal growing and hazelnut cultivation which today are at the core of the business, also thanks to the production of biscuits and baked goods.

The story of “La Peracca” is a family story: Ettore could not have built everything himself. In addition to the participation of his wife Patrizia, a key role is played by the entry of the sons Francesco and Elisabetta into the company.
Elisabetta is a doctor in Gastronomic Sciences and deals with the transformation of hazelnuts: delicious creations are born from her hands, including biscuits and cakes, hazelnut cream and many other products, which origin from the family hazelnuts.
His son Francesco, a lover of naturalistic engineering, after graduating in Architecture chose to deal with agriculture dedicating himself in particular to firewood and the production of wood chips. He also guarantees the health of the hazelnut groves.

La Peracca is the result of the synergy between generations, through tradition and innovation and the fundamental values of respect for nature, promotion of the territory and quality of the products, such as working together for the success of the company.

Today the farm’s activity exceeds 40 hectares of land planted with hazelnuts, cereals, vegetables and biomass crops for energy purposes.