Via Piazzone, 8 – Brozolo

That of Pessere is a certified “Nero di Parma” breeding located on the last offshoots of Monferrato overlooking the Po Valley. The pigs are mostly bred in the wild and live outdoors all year round. Only the females, at the time of birth, are hospitalized in special huts.

The feeding of the pasture is integrated, according to the seasons, with natural flours and enriched with fruit, corn and acorns. No artificial insemination is practiced and the piglets are nursed by mothers for 60 days.

The breeding of Pessere is followed for genetic selection by the University of Parma and animal health and well-being is certified by Chivasso ASL4.

In addition to certified breeding animals, Agricola delle Pessere sells a limited number of “Nero di Parma” piglets, 90-100 days old, for fattening or processed in an EEC certified slaughterhouse.

Since 2013, in addition to pure black, Agricola delle Pessere also reproduces a polyhybrid which in the Parma area is called “bourgeois”.

It is a modern crossroads – which takes up ancient habits of mestizo widespread since the 1930s between the Black of the Apennines and Large White subjects, but also Landrace and Duroc.

Piebald animals are obtained, very docile, which can be bred in the wild and which show a significant daily increase in the “finishing” period (pigs that in the September-January period, increase considerably compared to the April-August period, reaching 300 kg and beyond).

The bourgeois type subjects begin to be highly appreciated because they show a much faster growth of the pure black, largely maintaining the rusticity and organoleptic characteristics of the latter’s meat.