Piazza Statuto,10 – Cocconato

Years of careful and passionate restoration have made possible for an ancient 18th century abode to come to life again, regaining its sober elegance. Behind this regeneration there are the Dezzani brothers, part of a vine grower family third generation, and owner of the Locanda along with the Bordonaro family. The first certain news of the palace dates back to 1755, belonging to a certain Mr. Giò Tommaso Sacco, living in Cocconato.

Surely the abode’s fundamentals have even older origins, dating back to the Middle Ages. 

In the midst of Palazzo Marchisio Martelletti has been discovered an ancient document of a vermouth wine recipe, rich in herbs and spices, considered an herbal product at the time. Consequently, carefully respecting the original recipe, the vermouth wine production begun exclusively through artisanal methods, producing the Classic Vermouth of Casa Martelletti..

It’s only through the traditional dishes, made with genuine ingredients coming from nature, that it’s possible to appreciate our land and its history.