San Sebastiano da Po

Located on the right shore of the river Po, in the Padan valley and near the Leona torrent, San Sebastiano da Po has been for many years a feudal land of the rich and powerful Duke Gonzaga. It’s the perfect starting point for your pleasant walks on the hills.

Typical products

Pom Matan

Variety of autochthonous green apple from the Turin hills. It is harvested between September and October and it is kept until late spring. It is an excellent poor ingredient for various traditional festive preparations.

Agnulot’d pom matan

Agnolotti with a characteristic apples, butter, nutmeg, sausage and salt filling and seasoned with tomato sauce flavored with the flavors of the garden.


Apple pancakes.


Obtained with concentrated apple juice.

Canestrelli di pom matan

Torta nera

Refined apple and chocolate cake.

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